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Bricknaoid v.2.0 has everything you are looking for in desktop games.

"...Simple yet wonderful, charming and full of fun desktop games. Not like many other sophisticated games, I can play again and again without losing the fun. I know these games are not new, they exist many years, and I have waited for the opportunity to purchase them. So thank you for these small good life memories..."

Art Spears, 33 yr
San Francisco, California, USA

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Brickanoid v.2.0 is a successor to the incredibly popular Brickanoid desktop arcade shooter game. The original Brickanoid was sold in more then 30 countries and enjoyed by kids of all ages. Bricknaoid v.2.0 has everything you are looking for in free desktop games: slick graphics, excellent sound FX , random events and a VERY addicting gameplay. Brickanoid is easy to learn and hard to master. You will be hooked!

The object of the game is to destroy the Boss behind the icy bricks and advance to the next level.

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